Amber Shining: CEO Announcement on AMB

After months of anxious anticipation, Ambrosus is pleased to announce an official date for the release of Amber’s (AMB) cryptoeconomic model. On May 3–5, 2018, Ambrosus attends the Community Ethereum Development Conference, or EDCON, where we plan to unveil the blueprint for our cryptoeconomic model. We will inform our community once the date for Ambrosus speecha at EDCON is finalised.

EDCON is one of the crypto-ecosystem’s most significant events and counts the Ethereum Foundation as of one its strongest supporters. This year’s conference is scheduled to take place at Toronto’s Ryseron University.

To showcase our strong commitment to the project, Ambrosus has extended the AMB token lock-up period for our core team, partners and advisors by an additional six months. This means that AMB tokens of the team, existing partners and advisors will not be released onto the markets for an additional 6 months until at least 22 October 2018. Ambrosus will announce more specific details about the AMB lock-up on April 16th, which may be added as an Appendix to this blog post.

Additionally, there are also initiatives being prepared to reward the most loyal supporters of Ambrosus network development. For the “Day-1s” — those who had hedl AMB since the TGE, the extended AMB network and influencers are developing an incentive plan to reward the Amber faithful hodlers. More details and precise terms and conditions about this reward will be revealed on April 26th. (see legal disclaimer below)

Ultimately, however, it is AMB’s long-awaited cryptoeconomic model that will present the greatest value proposition to the ecosystem. While we can’t divulge the full gamut of AMBnomics just yet, here are a few key features the community can expect from our EDCON release:

· Multi-Tiered Masternodes

· Proof-of-Stake Model

· Token-Burning Features

· Incentives for long-term AMB network supporters

Beyond crypto-economic considerations, Ambrosus is also expanding its operating footprint to new markets. We will reveal more specific information about this initiative in the forthcoming weeks.

Underlying all of these exciting announcements and developments is a leadership philosophy of playing a long-term game and building a useful product for a better world. At Ambrosus, we are a high-conviction team of leading blockchain and Internet-of-Things technologists and visionaries. We believe in our tech as strongly as we believe in our community. This is why we have extended the insider lock-up provision for AMB.

By staying true to our principles and the community that has remained faithful to AMB prior and after the TGE, Ambrosus will rise above the noise and solidify its position as a vital force for the global data integrity movement.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Angel Versetti

Legal Disclaimer: The announcements are going to be finalised after we publish more precise statements clarified with our legal team and the relevant regulators. It should not be assumed that rewards to the community constitute a dividend-payout or otherwise financially benefit them. The initiatives are emanating from third-party entities and supporters of Ambrosus community. Amber (AMB) is currently classified as a utility token, and should not be considered an investment tool or a financial instrument. Rewards will be offered based on the contribution to the network’s integrity that owners of AMB may provide. Additional legal communications and terms of conditions will be provided in due course. In the meantime this blog should be considered as information announcement.

Appendix 1: AMB tokens allocated to early partners, team and advisors shall be unlocked no earlier than on 22 October 2018. This means that none of these actors shall be able to move or liquidate their tokens until the extended deadline.